HIDDEN SOCIETY game that comes from novomatic. A new game that makes many gamers curious about the type of game victory. Find some secrets that can give you game victory. The secret of the hidden society game in the form of a book. A book that will show you some of the signs that can give you wealth and win the game.

Hidden society has 5 scrolls that have a game background theme in the form of a forest with a stone inscription on it. In playing hidden society gamers will meet a man who will open many secrets in the hidden society book. A book that has a lock on a book.

Book key and symbol

A wheel-shaped book key with a triangular shape in the middle will turn and unlock it. The shape of a key that has numbers and some pictures that can help open the mysterious book. In the book will tell some symbols that can help gamers to win and bonus games.

The sign that gives the game bonus is Q, 10 and a spinning wheel in the center of the gem. After successfully getting the mysterious book, gamers will get the symbol shown by the book. This will continue to happen until the bonus game that can be used up. The direction of the game is from right to left.

Free spins and book locks

Generalbrock – To be able to win, gamers must use many ways to win and get game payments. There are 10 payouts that gamers can get as well as free spins that provide many opportunities to win. The symbol of the hidden society game is a man who uncovers the secrets of books, scrolls, rings, books, wheels that revolve around diamonds, and cards [A, K, Q, j, and 10 }.

In the center of the book key are several pictures such as a man, A, K, Q, J, 10, a scroll, a wheel that revolves around a gem, and a ring. To be able to activate the bonus game, gamers must get the same 3 books. By getting a book, the book will automatically enlarge and cover the screen.

get 3 different keys on the book wheel//Key

Game info and chance to win

With the enlargement of the book, gamers must be able to open the lock book. By successfully getting the key, the game is locked and only presents the symbols shown by the book. The more the same sign continuously the gamer will get several chances to win.

To be able to unlock the book gamers must get 3 different keys so that the book can be opened. If gamers are still curious about the hidden society, you can press game info. In the game info gamers will find various symbols with each game value. Not only value, gamers will also find a way to win.

Bet value and auto

The value of the game bet can be from a small number of 0.50 coins to 1.00 coin bet. Get 3 books will get 10 free spins. Only by presenting 3 or more gamers will get many easy wins. To feel the excitement of playing games, you can press the game automatically.

Automatic games that will make the game run on its own so gamers don’t have to press buttons anymore. The game screen rotates by itself so gamers can enjoy the results of the auto-play. With automatic spins, it will make it easier for gamers to get a lot of winning points.

The hidden society game is a game that doesn’t need to be downloaded. Types of games that can be played easily through websites or links. By using a website or link, gamers can easily enter to play. And gamers can also play easily by using software such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets and many more.

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