Neo Bank

neo bank

What is neo bank ?

Before discussing applications from neobank, the first thing you need to know is what neo bank is. So you can take the next step in carrying out activities based on the application. A little bit of knowledge about bank will definitely help you. Neobank is a fintech company that offers an application of software and technology as the basis for its implementation. Fintech is usually for current accounts and savings. is an innovation in financial technology which offers digital banking services, of course, neobank does not have branches. Different is not the same as bank in general, where everything will be presented online. Neo bank has been used since 2016.

Is very busy lately, so it spreads advertisements on various platforms such as YouTube, Tik Tok, and even Instagram. Neobank is a bank that works in general. However, neo-banks are more sophisticated than other banks. Neo bank will provide a very definite convenience so that not a few people will use it. However, nowadays it is very modern, so neo bank will use this opportunity to make things easier for everyone. With the existence of bank, his name soared rapidly so that not a few people recognized neo bank. For those of you who like to use technology, then this neobank is perfect.

It will not be complicated when using neobank, with only a smartphone based, all transactions will be very easy to do. If you want to join neo bank, there is no manual method. So that most financial transactions will be run through smartphone applications.

Is it safe to save?

Generalbrock – Because there are so many questions asked, you should know that all financial transactions at neo bank will be supervised by OJK and LPS. From opening an account, transferring funds, making a deposit or making a purchase, everything will be detected. By being supervised by the Financial Services Authority or what is often called the OJK and the Loan Guarantee Agency, they can be trusted and their security will be guaranteed.

Neo bank is a digital product issued by PT. Neo E-commerce Bank. The first digital bank in the field of e-commerce. So that PT. BankNeo Ecommerce was acquired by PT. Akulaku.

with the application all easy //mudah

Advantages of Neobank

Neo bank is not just a place to save, but can make money. The way to make money is through attractive features such as cashback. Cashbak will be obtained if you register for the first time on the Neo bank application.

There are other advantages that neobank will give you, namely:

– The interest rate that will be given is higher

– Low service fee

– User friendly interface

– Guaranteed safety.

– Practical, easy and fast

– There will be rewards given.

– Large deposit interest

– Lots of interesting promos

How Neobank Works

To join bank is very easy. The way of working that will be done later will not complicate the customer, the first thing you have to do is

– Download the neobank application on the smartphone first

– Create a neobank account according to the steps

– No physical signature is required, so the completed registration can be used.

Because neo banks already exist in various countries, customers will be able to enjoy the attractive features of both banks. Neobank will offer the best service even through a smartphone. Here’s the service

– saving account

– Deposit

– Financial planning services such as making transfers will be scheduled)