Voodoo fortunes

Voodoo fortunes

Voodoo fortunes

Voodoo fortunes is a game that has a rather scary sound so the game developed by novomatic feels like a horror. Even though it looks scary, you can play the voodoo fortunes game, the type of game that gives unexpected excitement. A game that has a dark feel with great wizards.

When you start playing the voodoo fortunes game you will find a witch woman with her surroundings filled with a very dense jungle. A game that has 5 reels with game jackpot wins and symbol combinations that are ready to accompany gamers to play as much as they want. In every game of voodoo fortunes gamers will find a suffocating sound when they manage to get a score.

Tombo; info and additional bets

Generalbrock – In starting to play the game you will be faced with several buttons on the game screen. Buttons that have a function in every game. The mint and plus buttons will help you determine the bet amount. Then when you press info, gamers will get several values ​​and the number of symbols that gamers can win.

In the info, gamers can see any symbols that can give victory such as: witch woman, rag doll, joker card, bonus symbol, hair rag doll, ball hammer, potion collection, candle collection, and playing cards A, K, Q, J, 10, 9. From these symbols will give a very high winning value.


There are 2 rag dolls that have different shapes to be wild. Wild which can replace all symbols. In addition to game symbols that can give you victory. Voodoo fortunes also prepares 4 jackpots, namely: grand, minor, major, and mini. 4 jackpots will make your coin value increase.

The bonus symbol will also be a scatter. Symbols that are ready to give the best value to each gamer get a bonus sign. Scatter will give double value as well as bonus game. No need to make the same wild because the wild can adjust to the symbol so that any combination can give gamers a win.

strong magic woman//witch
Play patiently

To win a combination, gamers can use it with bonus symbols and wilds. So you have to be patient and pray a lot to get a high value symbol. The scatter will give you 10 spin fees when you get a wild combination scatter. The existence of free spins will make it easier for you to win.

Of all the voodoo fortunes games, it is the coolest game that keeps game lovers interested in playing it. Gamers will find the value of the symbol combination ready for you to use for great value. Even though you get a big value when you get free spins, gamers will get free spins too.

Additional games

Not only scatter but gamers can also use other symbols that have double values ​​and also free spins. Wild reels are present in 2 and 4 only. In the voodoo fortunes game, gamers will find an additional and exciting game even though they have to hear laughter from witches. On the screen gamers will see a wizard changing a cup of offering.

The cup turns into a voodoo fortunes add-on game. Which will appear a lot of coins on the screen and gamers are told to choose the color of the skull behind the coins. If you get the same color 3 times, the gamer will get a coin win. The value of the skull color behind the coin is the jackpot value. Each of the 4 colors represents the game’s jackpot. From green, blue, purple, and red.

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